Seattle Math Tutor

Finding a Seattle math tutor is no easy chore. What do I look for in a tutor? Are you looking for a genius with a long resume of achievements in mathematics who can coach your child through math contests? Or does the tutor need to have expertise in special needs?

Seattle math tutor

As someone who hired a tutor while studying calculus at the University of Washington, I can relate. A brief phone call with a tutor is a great start to get a feel for what the tutor can offer. Meeting in person for a cup of coffee and having your child work on a few problems with the tutor is even better.

Seattle Math Tutor

Some agencies want you to sign a long term contract. Are you ready to commit to their tutors before spending much time trying it out with them?

I like to give students and parents the flexibility to schedule regular sessions but alter their schedule as needed.


I can provide consistency with a single math tutor each week (myself) and even work over the summer. Although summers in Seattle often mean camps and vacations, some parents want their children to continue working with a math tutor over the summer so they get off to a fast start come fall. I have experience working with students of varying ages and abilities so I have a good sense of how to best use our time to help your child on the right track.


Please call and see if I can help you with your math tutoring needs.

For questions about the test or tutoring, send us an email, or call/text 206.999.0666 . I typically respond within 2 hrs.

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