An ancient academic discipline that traces its roots to 3000 BCE, physics began with the study of astronomy.  And its importance to society remains strong for its seemingly limitless applications to the challenges that humans face.

Images of various physical phenomena

Students are typically introduced to physics in high school. Here, they may find themselves in general, honors or AP Physics depending on the offerings at a given school and the objectives of students.

By continuing the study of physics at the University level, students open doors a variety of disciplines. Some of these include engineering, biology, medicine and even the increasingly technical field of patent law.

Physics Tutoring

  • High school coursework
    • general
    • AP Physics 1,2 (algebra based) & C (calculus based)
  • College level
    • algebra based
    • calculus based
  • Various tutors available, including a UW physics major

For more info on physics tutors, see the Seattle Tutors page.

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