Online Math Tutoring

Finding an online math tutor:

If you’re looking for online math tutoring it won’t take long to see that you have a number of options. From websites that function as a hub for tutors and students to connect to individual websites and reviews, it can take hours to wade through the wealth of information.

As a tutor, I want to make things as easy as possible. I’ve tutored students online and in person so I know what works and what doesn’t. When we talk or email about setting up online tutoring, we’ll go over a few things, including:

  • Necessary internet download and upload speeds
  • The most effective and affordable accessories (Think $0-$30) to facilitate tutoring
online math tutoring

Taken with my document camera. It records video and images.

Alternatives to online tutoring

Often times people are looking online for last minute cram sessions when in-person sessions may also be an option. Here are a few other solutions that may work for you:

  • Text or call me 206-999-0666 to see if meeting at a cafe or your home may be easier than sorting through inadequate computer equipment or internet speeds
  • Emails with photos of our work can be exchanged along complemented by online chat or phone calls to facilitate communication

If you want to set up a test session, we can look at your download and upload speeds and test existing webcams. I also have document cameras that I can loan out. These facilitate working with pen and a notepad and sharing the video stream through video chat.

For questions about tutoring, send us an email, or call/text 206.999.0666 . I typically respond within 2 hrs.