A New Semester

As we start a new semester, folks often ask for help. Many of the tutors get a full schedule quickly, so it's best to get acquainted early in the semester, even if you schedule a session several weeks out. For last minute requests, there is one tutor, Annie, who has become adept at online tutoring. A number of students have found it very helpful to do a hybrid of in person and online tutoring. One bonus is the rates tend to be quite low for online tutoring, as the tutor doesn't have to consider ...

How much sleep do kids need?

Top Seattle high schools
Thanks to recent research from UW, we now have a better idea about how high school start times affect students. Biology professor Horatio de la Iglesia and doctoral student Gideon Munster recently released a report documenting their findings. By starting school an hour later, students gained half an hour of sleep, according to the researchers. And more importantly, the this extra sleep translated into the teenagers' improvements in school performance and attendance. The researcher's publi...

Tutor featured in Seattle Times

UW student Jeremy M. was recently featured in the Seattle Times for his work as director of the university's Advanced Robotics organization. Jeremy studies at the Evans School of Public Policy and did his UW undergraduate studies in math and political science. He has tutored since high school and currently helps students with math and physics. Find the article here And be sure to check the entire list of tutors

SAT dates

Looking for upcoming test dates? For late summer/fall 2018, here are the test dates, with regular registration deadline in parentheses: Aug 25 (July 27), Oct 6 (Sept 6), Nov 3 (Oct 5), Dec 1 (Nov 2). Typically our most experienced test prep tutor is booked far in advance but at the moment there is room for one student. Drop us a line if you're interested. [email protected]  

Biology help

biology help
Taking biology for the first time isn't always the best experience. The topic requires a lot of memorization. With several pre-med students on the team, biology tutoring comes naturally.   Whether it's AP Biology, honors, or standard bio, we can teach you the study techniques that work best for the subject. Sometimes teachers don't explain the context of various concepts or processes. Why is mitosis important to understand and when does it happen? Maybe you're the type of pe...

Bellevue Private Elementary Schools

Given the terrible state of traffic in the Seattle area, it's always helpful to find a school close to home. Why not create a map-based guide to private schools? On the Seattle Nanny Services blog, I just wrapped up a post called Bellevue Private Elementary Schools . I plugged in all the school's addresses onto a google map and when you click on each marker, you'll see few facts about it. Additionally, there's a link for directions to show how far it is from your home.

Summer activities

The sun is shining bright and school is nearly out. Parents often ask, What are good activities for kids to stay sharp with academics? There are lots of STEM summer camps these days. The most important thing for STEM related education is that kids find it accessible and exciting. Maybe your child like airplanes--check out the offerings at the Museum of Flight. The Pacific Science Center has always had a great selection of camps  which they offer at a variety of locations on the eastside and in S...


Having tutored for over two years now, we've learned a lot of things about supporting parents and their children. One of those things is having the right help. We're constantly scouring the area, recruiting top tutors. We've learned that some of our most cherished tutors happen to be experienced nannies. In fact, their references from their nanny families proved instrumental in revealing the great skill and care they bring. Recently, we've started offering families referrals to highly qual...

Tough subjects

Biology Tutoring
What was the toughest subject for you in school? For me, I'd say chemistry. Memorizing all the functional groups in organic chemistry, among other things, was very difficult. But having some degree of understanding of chemistry and biology serves me well today. I probably apply that knowledge on a daily basis,whether be related understanding why a medication works or cooking at particular temperatures.