Biology Tutoring

Love it or hate it, biology is an important class. It helps you get into four year colleges and opens endless academic and professional pathways.

Seattle Tutoring Services has several pre-med tutors who are well versed in biology, among other subjects. Whether it regular biology, honors or AP Biology, we can help. We promise our efforts in tutoring biology won’t be as dry as your high school class.

Biology Tutoring

When I first took biology, I hated it. I’m not proud of it but my high school course felt like a bunch of memorization. Who cares what goes on inside a cell? And what the heck is the difference between meiosis and mitosis?

Teachers don’t always do the best job putting biological concepts and processes into context.

That’s where a good biology tutor comes into play.

Take for example natural selection. Who cares about Darwin and his finches? Okay, they have a lot of different beaks and ecological niches they fill.
American Goldfinch-27527

But how does that affect my life? One of the types of natural selection you’ll discover is directional selection. For example, imagine an island in the galapagos with two variants of finches: “A” specializes in small seeds with a small beak and “B” specializes in big seeds with its big beak.

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Charles Darwin, pivotal figure in the discovery of natural selection.

Now imagine they hit a terrible drought and the plants that produce small seeds are no longer viable. Almost all seeds are big, therefore selecting for larger beaked finches (type B). The average beak size increases. That’s called directional selection.

But how does that affect me?

Alexander Fleming, discovered penicillin.

When you go to hospital for a simple procedure or a surgery, you don’t want to get a serious infection. Unfortunately, there are deadly bacterial infections that people acquire there all too frequently.

Why are they so deadly?

Over the many decades of use of antibiotics, bacteria has evolved dramatically. The few types of bacteria that can survive antibiotics have now proliferated in hospitals, creating a massive public health problem.

Understanding the finches can now help us understand this situation. With further research, hopefully we can find new antibiotics and better strategies to avoid the directional selection that is imposed on bacteria when we use antibiotics. There are many academic and professional opportunities for research.

For more info about natural selection, check out this Berkley site:

AP Biology

Our most experienced biology tutor is Akanksha. Originally from the Eastside, Akanksha is a pre-med student at UW. She tutors biology at several levels, including AP Biology. Her experience tutoring began sophomore year at Eastlake High School and continues as a UW Junior, where she majors in Applied Math. Given the nature of AP Bio as a prep class, it helps to learn from someone who has taken the subject in high school and at a challenging university such as UW. In addition to biology, Akanksha tutors math.

Let us know if one of our tutors can help you develop study skills that are appropriate for biology. Most people find that the subject can require novel approaches compared to other subjects.

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