School not challenging?

Lack of challenges at school? A recent Seattle Times articles noted an exodus of families due to a frustration w/ a lack of challenges at school. We hear you and have helped a number of families w/ that issue. In fact some families simply pulled their kids out and homeschooled them. Partially teaching their kids with supplementary tutor instruction for math and science. If you're interested in enrichment, shoot us an email: or text 206-999-0666

How are whales different from fish?

On the surface, whales and fish share many things: use of aquatic environments, they are vertebrates and have morphological adaptions that facilitate locomotion in water. The latter is described in detail here: The repeated invasion of aquatic and marine environments by tetrapods over the last 250 million years has resulted in a host of convergent morphological adaptations that facilitate life in water (Kelley and Pyenson, 2015). Among these adaptations are the evolution of a fusiform body ...

Homework hell?

Tips from a parenting book Cutting homework stress: Tips from a parenting book I recently came across some great tips in How to Talk When Kids Won’t Listen by Faber and King. They’re so good I had to share them. Maybe this will help ease the stress that homework can bring. First meet your child’s basic needs.When they get home from school, encourage them to unwind and let their mind wander. And Make sure they’re well fed if they need a snack.Acknowledge their feelings of fr...

Engineering Problems for Kids

Hands on activities for kids (grades 3-8) Launch an air-powered rocket to hit a target Make a shock absorbing landing pad for "astronauts" Make a model spacecraft for data collection Build a model spacecraft engineered to collect weather and climate data. Lots of complex finished parts and scissors required, so best for older grades

An $80 Million snail?

Does Marine Biology have value beyond the charismatic megafauna we love to watch? One biotech thinks so. In 2018, TerSera purchased the rights to Prialt, a non-opioid painkiller. It all starts in the 1950s, when marine biologist Alan J. Kohn at the University of Hawaii observed the snail kill small fish. Later investigations revealed a neurotoxin named Zinconotide could be isolated and utilized as an intrathecal pain medication for patients with terrible pain. Recent research ...

Coral in Washington

Washington Coral
Recent explorations into the depths off of the coast have revealed a number of coral species. Coastal Washington deep sea coral, with a feather star atop. Unlike shallow water corals which gain energy from the sun, these corals consume zooplankton. The E/V Nautilus took these photos in 2017 as part of a joint expedition of the Quinault Canyon:

Welcome Desmond

Biochemistry major Desmond recently joined the team at STS. Having taken AP courses ranging from Bio to Chem and Calculus, he's a well rounded tutor who currently has some availability both in north Seattle and online. Text 206-999-0666 or email to schedule Approximate availability for in-person sessions in north Seattle (Sept 29-Dec 30): M: 5pm-8pmTh: 3pm-8pmFr: 5pm-8pmSat: 10am-noon Desmond and Dubs II

Welcome John!

John comes to us with a background in Mechanical Engineering and several years of instruction and tutoring experience. He completed his B.S. and M.S. Cornell and is currently a PhD candid at UW. He specializes in math test prep (SAT, GRE), algebra through calculus, and high school physics.  Some of his most interesting positions he has held includes workings as a researcher at the NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center and developing autonomous underwater vehicles at Cornell. He can also as...