Aspiring Veterinarians

We are pleased to support students of all grades in achieving their dream of becoming a veterinarian. Sometimes referred to as pre-vet or pre-vetmed, these students face an uphill battle in gaining entrance to veterinary medicine schools in the US.

Vet Camps

For High School Students:

Staying busy over summer break is vital for high school students. And if they aspire to become a vet, why not pursue a summer camp. Here’s a list of known programs:

  1. Cornell summer program
  2. Tufts Adventures in Vet Med
  3. U Minnesota Vetcamp
  4. OSU Summer Veterinary Experience
  5. Purdue Boiler Vet Camp
  6. Gould Academy
  7. Western U Summer Camp
  8. Texas A & M Vet Sci Summer Camp

For College Students:

GRE prep

Aspiring vets must take to GRE to apply to vetmed school. It consists of rigorous materials not unlike the SAT or ACT. Our go-to tutor is John, a PhD student in Mechanical Engineering at UW. Fee is $75/hr, online tutoring only.

Admissions Essay

We provide a two part review for essays: a review by our test prep expert Sarah and a review by Dr. Carolynn, a doctor of veterinary medicine from WSU and practicing vet. In addition to her own achievements, Dr Carolynn has written letters of recommendations for assistants that successfully gained admission to vetmed programs. Fee is $450