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Better grades, increased confidence, improved organization and executive functioning. We strive to help students with all these things and any other goals they and their parents may have. At the end of the day, we want to make math more pain free for students and their parents.


Schuyler graduated with a B.S. in Aquatic and Fishery Sciences in 2009, graduating with college honors and receiving A’s in all math coursework, including three quarters of calculus. While a full time student, he tutored student athletes and middle school students. After graduating, he worked as a biologist on a number of research projects with Montana State, NOAA, the EPA and the Washington Dept. of Ecology.

For the past two years he’s been sidelined from repetitive computer work that comes along with being a biologist due to nerve issues in his hands and shoulders. Recently, Schuyler volunteered for Catholic Community Services as part of the Youth Tutoring Program and currently tutor math privately in the Seattle area. Schuyler was recently admitted to the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and has published in Ecosphere.



Schuyler is a thorough, effective math tutor. He’s patient and communicates well with our child, without being condescending. He’s been flexible to meet our scheduling needs. On his own initiative, Schuyler has emailed supplementary lessons for additional practice. After tutoring sessions, our son would tell us that Schuyler was very helpful. We recommend him! –Brian

Schuyler was a great tutor for my son. He was very flexible with my son schedule and learning style. He often emailed practice assignments based on what he was being taught in class. Schuyler is very positive and was able to recognize the gaps in my sons learning. I would highly recommend Schuyler if you are looking for an excellent math tutor. ~Linda


Makenzie has a number of years of tutoring experience, primarily helping students math. In addition to her work as a private tutor, she has also taught formally as a TA for a probability and statistics course at UW. There, Makenzie graduated with a degree in psychology and also conducted research on how pediatric cancer affects family dynamics. Currently pursuing a masters in clinical mental health at WWU, Makenzie worked as an instructor in Overview of Research Methods in the psychology department. Makenzie works part time at an internship in Seattle and tutors several subjects throughout the Seattle area.


“She is super smart and relates well to kids. My boys love her. She is kind and thoughtful.  She loves math and sometimes the kids have her keep explaining/doing (instead of them having to struggle with the problem). She takes feedback well and is willing to adapt based on what is requested/needed. She’s a great teacher.” -J 



Ryan is a student at the University of Washington where he studies Computer Science. He comes to us with two summers’ worth of experience instructing Robotics camp and several years of tutoring in high school. Ryan tutors math, including geometry, algebra, precalculus and calculus, as well as computer science.



Lyra comes to the Seattle Tutoring Services team by way of the Macalester College. There, she studied acting while taking extensive math and science courework. With years of experience ranging from precalculus to ACT prep and AP Chemistry, she offers a wide skill set to students.


She was always very professional, and again, she knew her stuff like the back of her hand, did a ton of preparation for sessions, knew how to teach it, took on lots of kids, everyone loved her, really an excellent tutor.

 …She tutored SAT and ACT, SSAT, ISEE, chemistry, biology, most maths, including precalc, essay writing, college application essays, and probably another thing or two I’m forgetting.  She was great at pretty much everything I asked her to do. 

…Lyra was calm and direct, and they worked well together. She is bright and knew the material and did not try to overpower Kit or make her feel inadequate.  For us, that was what made the teacher/ student relationship work.

      Professional, accommodating, affordable and knowledgeable! Highly recommend if you need extra help with math!

    thumb Alexis A.


For questions about the test or tutoring, send us an email, or call/text 206.999.0666 . I typically respond within 2 hrs.

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