1st Day of School Approaches

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While some kids dread the end of summer, many parents look forward to the reduced parental obligations that school offers. Here's a breakdown of some of the local schools and their start dates: Seattle Public Schools 9/6 Bellevue Schools 8/31 Seattle Prep 8/25 Lakeside Upper 9/6, Middle 9/7 Bush 9/7

Learning Disability Scholarship

The Seattle Tutoring Services Learning Disability Scholarship was created to recognize the challenges some students face in their academic and professional careers. As tutors, we work with students with identified and unidentified learning disabilities. Many people without learning disabilities do not fully appreciate the challenges they face and the persistence required to be successful. The aim of this scholarship is to offer a reward to those who have pushed forward in the face of these ob...

Last Day of School

The weather has turned for the better, signalling the end of the school year is near. For kids in Seattle Public Schools, the last day of school is June 26. Originally planned from to be on the 23rd, the snow day in February pushed out the end of the year. Sometimes the summer can feel busier than the regular year. Summer camps, summer classes and sports usually keep kids busy. Math is one subject where summer study, whether independent or in a class, can be very beneficial. Sometimes kid...

Not getting A’s in math?

Great advice from my favorite author, E.O. Wilson: Don't stress about not getting A's in math. Stick w/ your scientific interests and you can always collaborate w/ math experts if necessary. Too many students stray from science due to math phobia: 

ISEE test dates

The ISEE is an entrance exam for independent schools for students ranging from elementary to high school (four different levels: grades 2-4, 5-6, 7-8 and grades 9-12). There are online and in person opportunities to take the exam so take a look at https://www.erblearn.org/services/isee-overview for more info.

Struggled with math?

Scholarship for those who have had adversity studying math The Seattle Tutoring Services Math Scholarship was created to recognize the struggles of students in math courses and encourage students to forge a more successful path. As a math tutor, I realize studying math isn’t always fun. Getting stuck on homework problems, failing class, and struggling to get satisfactory standardized test scores can lead to frustration. Unfortunately, this can limit academic and professional opportunities in...

Math learning disabilities

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Parents of students who struggle in math sometimes wonder about learning disabilities. Does my child have ADHD, dyslexia or some other disability hindering their learning? A lesser known issue is dyscalculia, an obstacle to learning mathematics. The symptoms range from difficulty recalling math facts, rules and procedures, to unconsciously substituting one number for another. For a brief intro, check out this video:   On resource particularly useful is http://www.dyscalculia.org/ ...

Congrats to our scholarship winner!

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Congratulations to Chad E. from Utah State U. in winning the 2016 Seattle Tutoring Services Math Scholarship! "This scholarship will help me to progress to my future goals. I'm very grateful for this opportunity!" -Chad E. The essay contest is offered every year to recognize the struggles of students in math courses and encourage them to chart a new and more successful path.