Math Tutoring

Algebra tutoring can be of great help to students struggling in middle school and high school math. Algebra is one of the most important foundations in math, as a strong understanding will help students achieve success in more advanced courses such as calculus. Understanding a handful of important rules provides a basis for this high school course.

Common Functions:

y=mx+b or y=1x+0 or y=x

y=mx+b or y=1x+0 or y=x





During algebra tutoring, I have the option of taking two routes with students: help and encourage students to memorize the various laws, rules and theorems applicable to their course or offer them an introduction to the rules followed by detailed explanations and practice. The latter tends to be very successful because students can often refer back to the rules more successfully if they have had guided practice in implementing the rules. Instructors often permit students to refer to some of the following rules even during exams.

Exponent Rulesexponent laws
Binomial Theorembinomial theorem
Difference of Squaresdifference of squares

Common Techniques for Algebra Tutoring

Assisting students with the learning process can be achieved in a number of different ways but it’s important to tailor the approach to what is most helpful to the student at a given time.

Typically, we begin by checking with each other: How was your test? Did your parents get the email I sent them regarding your homework questions? What would you like to work on today?

As we dive into the task at hand (typically working through homework problems) we’ll come across some stumbling blocks. Here, I’ll highlight the concept at hand and ask the student if they can identify how it may apply here. Having been in the students shoes before I know this is where the real learning often occurs. It’s important for the tutor to have patient as the student to explore the concept themselves.

Algebra Tutoring

A page out of one of the most ancient algebra texts: The Compendious Book on Calculation by Completion and Balancing by Al-Khwārizmī

I like to make sure the student has a pen in hand and is working through it as they would on their own. Here, I can reinforce the importance of showing your work, as this can boost points on exams and prevent needless mistakes.

As much as I like to power through homework problems nonstop, I’ll still check in and make sure what I’m doing is helpful and if this the best use of time. Perhaps a test is coming up and this homework is beyond the scope of the exam, or maybe the student believes they can work through this particular assignment themselves.

At the end of the day and want to help students succeed in their course and further their understanding that learning is a process and the key is that you continue pushing ahead in spite of the inevitable obstacles that arise.





Precalculus and Calculus Tutoring

We have several tutors with top grades in these challenging courses. These pre-med and engineering students from UW have a great deal of expertise in these subjects and are experienced tutors. Precalculus and Calculus are gateway classes to engineering, medicine, science and many other fascinating disciplines.


Schuyler is a thorough, effective math tutor. He’s patient and communicates well with our child, without being condescending. He’s been flexible to meet our scheduling needs. On his own initiative, Schuyler has emailed supplementary lessons for additional practice. After tutoring sessions, our son would tell us that Schuyler was very helpful. We recommend him! –Brian

Schuyler was a great tutor for my son. He was very flexible with my son schedule and learning style. He often emailed practice assignments based on what he was being taught in class. Schuyler is very positive and was able to recognize the gaps in my sons learning. I would highly recommend Schuyler if you are looking for an excellent math tutor. ~Linda

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